Morphe X JaclynHill palette review and swatches. Is it brown girl approved?

Hi my brown beauties. I really thought hard about what could be a good first blog post that could really be insightful and helpful for my brown queens!! As a beauty addict, I do tend to own a lot of beauty products (something I am not very proud of). However, very few beauty products have garnered THIS amount of enthusiasm, as the recent launch of Morphe and Jaclyn Hill collaboration. Now I am not a die hard fan of Jaclyn Hill, I do like her craft. I have not used any Morphe products before, not shadows and not brushes. I genuinely feel that I don’t have enough trustworthy reviews on their products, which would justify me spending my money on them. However, I can’t genuinely defend the reason I bought this palette, except my curiosity about the craze for this palette. I did give into the hype and SPOILER ALERT: I am glad I did!

Now, I am not someone that wears shadows on a daily basis. For me, eyeshadows are the longest part of my beauty routine. On regular weekdays, I simply don’t have enough time to create an eye look. That’s just me. However, when I do decide to dress up I like to play with eyeshadows. I also have pigmented (hello genetics!) and oily eyelids. So there are a couple things that I prefer in my shadows:

  • Pigmentation
  • Lasts on my oily eyelids (I do use a primer)
  • Brown girl friendly (Obviduh!)

So I was very excited when I first received the palette and was looking forward to using it, and see if it would want me to put on eyeshadows everyday, without taking a day and a half (sarcasm of course!)

Here are some pictures of the palette.

Here are swatches of some of my favorite shades


So what are my thoughts about the palette??

To start off the pigmentation of this palette is on point for most shades. Why I say most shades is because there are some colors that would not show up on our tan skin. For example first three colors in the first row. However, apart from that I had no problems using other colors. The “pressed pigment” shadows perform wonderfully and blend easily, same goes for the matte shadows, in my opinion. The white packaging is not very forgiving because the mattes do have a little fallout, when you dig your brush into it. The shimmers and pressed pigment shadow is best applied using fingers (which I normally do with most glitter shadows). I do believe these lasted a good 7-8 hours on my eyelid before my oily eyelids started peaking through!

Now do you really need this palette? Well, for a beauty addict like me I would say “Yes honey, please go ahead and satisfy this craving”. However, are there super unique colors in the palette? No. Are these colors easily dupable? Yes. Do you really need it? Maybe not, especially if you have other palettes that look like this.

This palette is definitely brown girl friendly if you were considering buying this palette. I give it 4 stars out of 5.

Here is the eye look I created using the palette. If you would like to see more looks please let me know, I would be happy to do so!

If I have convinced you to get a hold of this palette, you can buy it here on July 18 when this palette restocks at 8:00 AM PST!